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six hundred billion on a military,

seven bills on the big game.

they drop their bombs,

we catch pop flies,

the lights go up,

we all fall down.

who wins?

who pays?

who dies?

who stays?

it’s worth it, though,

to know we’re safe,

to keep things comfortable,

to preserve our way

of life:

chocolate-dipped avocado sushi

clearcut silverfuck gold mine.

you only live once.

knockoff sneakers plod concrete-paved abandonment.

mascara covers another long night.

it’s worth it, right?

we all pay.

flower paintings lay,

children find their way,

we face another day

and we pay.

it’s love we’ve got

and love we’ve lost.

you’ve got what i need;

i’ve got what you need.

it’s LOVE we seek,

and HANDS we’ve got,

and feet and hearts and minds.

let’s run and reach and work and talk –

i can’t keep painting lines


please fill them in.

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