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Saturday, September 17

8:00AM - 1:00PM

On The Square in Goderich

 Follow the Froggy Fest Map* to: 

 - Reptile & amphibian special guests! 

 - Fun conservation education! 

- Cool eco-swag! 

 - Crafts** to make with real artists! 

 - Yummy snacks***! 

 - A FREE noontime concert by Boy in December! 

 * $5.00, all of which goes to our conservation nonprofit partners :) 

 ** There will be PERMANENT paint, so dress for it! 

 *** Even peanut-free trail mix! 

 Our conservation partners! 

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50K+ of hiking trails built and maintained


Safeguarding the Canadian shores of Lake Huron

Friends of Ball's Bridge & Little Lakes - Gloria McNoughten - Ball's Bridge_edited.jpg

Protecting this historic site and wildlife habitat

A Letter from Autumn

(who started this whole thing)


When I was a child, I lived beside Ausable river in the home my dad built. I spent hours staring at frogs, water snails, fish, turtles, and snakes who would climb up the hill to our backyard. I ran through the tall grass and wildflowers behind our house looking for the little wild creatures down in the mud.

I then took some time to grow up, as little girls often do. I went away to school. I studied art and sustainability. I drew pictures of waterways, little houses, and my childhood companions from the river and the house.

When I came home from school, I saw a mound of top soil standing where once the wildflowers blew. I worked my way down to the river in search of my creature companions, but nearly all had moved away. I'm not sure where they went.

Today, I'm doing what I can to bring them back.

I've partnered with the Lake Huron Coastal Centre, whose job is to teach people, young and old, what we can do to protect our waterways and the creatures that live there. They'll show us how to care for our homes in ways that help to restore nature, welcoming back the plants and animals that purify our air, undergird our land and fortify our food. Together, we'll raise up our children to monitor our waters, hold corporations accountable and enjoy the fullness of this earth we share.

Together with WorldRooted: the Art Project for People, we're throwing a party we call "Froggy Fest": a full day of interactive education, sweet creepy-crawly friends, fun art projects, yummy treats, cool swag, a concert and door prizes, with proceeds to our local nonprofits!

Thank you so much for helping us create a better tomorrow. We look forward to partying with you on September 17th!

Thank-you to our premium

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