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Melaney Prevett

Melaney Prevett Art

81305 Westmount Line RR4

Goderich ON N7A 3Y1

I was born in London, Ontario and now live in Goderich, Ontario with my husband and two children.


I took Visual Art at The University of Western Ontario.


My love of art, drawing and painting goes back to early childhood. I have always enjoyed making things. As a child, my mother and grandmother shared their creativity by teaching me to knit, sew and bake. Sharing these moments with family and friends is still important.


A connection to nature is reflected in my recent work using alcohol ink and oil paint on canvas.


"Each piece is an individual journey; adding colour and taking it away... I enjoy the process as much as I do the final product".


I enjoy teaching others how to explore their creative side and to make something beautiful.

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