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Balls Bridge

Balls Bridge

They tell me you're an historic landmark.

They warn me things will never be the same.

Today, we'll float underneath you,

Or sit upon your shore and think;

Tonight, we might light candles and dance with you again,

Like always.

Just like you'll always be here.

Just like you've always been.


These Bridges & Fences are my exploration into the interplay of the objects we've built with the natural world that holds them.


Here, Nature is depicted by loosely-applied, textural, riotous colour. The colour is the first thing: it arrests the attention and makes us want to linger. But the texture is the other thing: it requires that a lot of work be put into painting anything of value atop it. I really had to watch my step.

  • Dimensions


  • Media


  • Substrate

    Wrapped canvas

  • Profile

    1 1/2"

  • Year


  • Finish

    Matte polymer varnish with UV protection

  • Frame

    Float frame, 1/2" wide, cut from thoughtfully-culled elm, milk-painted black

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