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Bethany Ann

Davidson (she/her)

I am a rural Ontario artist with a universal view of Neighbour and Nature. My art seeks the moment we realize All is One. I'm a creative connector, determined to empower people to celebrate whenever possible and change whenever necessary.

The explosive "Protest of Beauty" series is my response to the call of Vedran Smailovic, the Cellist of Sarajevo. When a mortar round killed twenty-two people waiting in a bread line, he chose to sit there among the ruins, every day for twenty-two days, to play Albinoni's Adagio in G Minor. His tribute drew international attention and, many say, hastened the end of the civil war.

The uncoloured flora of the "WorldRooted" series invites us to fill in details for one another by sharing our stories. Time passes; our understanding deepens; our lives reflect the changing light. May we grow together on this abundant earth, firmly rooted and facing the sun, sharing new stories.

"Glass Waves" came to me through my young Syrian friends, who got to smash plates for catharsis the day the paperwork was submitted for bringing their big brothers to safety. Sparkling glass pieces carry the shards of our broken plates, likes hopes and dreams and the children of nations who set sail to new lands in search of something better.

My "Bridges and Fences" series begins with vibrant paint, loosely applied, cured into creases. Here (as in life), the wild beauty of Nature suggests itself from behind carefully-rendered, human-made forms. These constructions -- for keeping things in, keeping things out and taking us to other places -- simultaneously make and break our relationship to our world. The patterns of our conquest are instantly recognized and named, but (as in life), it is their surroundings that give them meaning.

Laird Signs 1998-2002, Iron Bridge, Ontario
Designing, fabricating and installing signs through freehand-painting, vinyl & screen-printing applications.


SunMedia 2012-2013, Goderich, Ontario
Freelance writing, special-event coverage, interviewing & reporting.


Goderich Public Art Committee 2012-Present
Conceptualizing and designing "Open Air Exchange" outdoor gallery walls, located at Courthouse Square & Huron County Museum.


Freelance 2012-Present
Fine Art, Tutoring, Graphic Design, Photography, Writing, Workshops.
Corporate & nonprofit clients include Cowan Law Chambers, 360 Bikes n' Boards, Homefield Group, Fauxpop Media, Your Life in Stills Photography, Talbot Realty, The Tank, Paul the Maker, House Guitars, Harbour Hill Retirement Home, Firmly Rooted Farm, Victim Services of Huron County, Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation.


Elizabeth's Art Gallery 2013-2017, Goderich, Ontario
Curating a consignment gallery; seeking, interviewing & publicizing artists; social-media marketing; contributing to & updating website & blog; creating e-newsletters; scheduling & coordinating workshops; retail purchasing & selling; facilitating client specialty orders.


Welcome Project Syria 2016-2020, Goderich, Ontario
Volunteer social-media coordinator increasing community capacity to welcome newcomers.


Hardwired International 2017
Contracted by a human-rights nonprofit to travel to the Middle East to interview participants via translators, transcribe training meetings, assist teacher-trainers, coordinate audio/video capture of training & report results; oversee social-media outlets, design & utilize graphics, revamp & update website, publish e-newsletters, communicate with volunteer partners via email.


Reboot 2020-2021, Goderich, Ontario
Coaching beginners through strength training, breath work, mobility & nutrition for lasting change toward physiological wellness -- in person, on private Facebook groups & via webinars.


Firmly Rooted Farm 2021-Present, Belgrave, Ontario
Farm hand performing field labour, product packing, retail-client delivery,
farmers' market.

Artists Network 2023-Present, Toronto/Canada Member of Canadian, member-led, nonprofit organization.


Riverdale Art Walk June 2023, Toronto, Ontario Exhibiting artist in Jimmie Simpson Park, Queen Street East.

WorldRooted, the Art Project for People 2018-Present
Founding a growing collective of artists for philanthropy; collaborating with nonprofit partners & event venues; designing online- & print-media marketing materials; making media appearances; securing sponsorships; constructing & maintaining website; hosting & publicizing fine-art exhibitions; raising public awareness & support for humanitarian & conservation efforts; creating opportunities for refugees/asylum-seekers to contribute to & profit within their new communities, for artists to generate income, & for empathic entrepreneurs to network with skilled artisans & empowered newcomers; exhibiting art.


WorldRooted at Cait's Café April 2018, Goderich, Ontario
The solo exhibition with greeting cards by teen-aged Syrian refugee Baraa Al Ali, cookies by Kimberly Hart for the Canadian Mental Health Association, woodworking by Paul Cook for the Swai Daycare Centre and nonprofits Rural Response for Healthy Children, Welcome Project Syria & Victim Services of Huron County

WorldRooted at the Staysh November 2018, Goderich, Ontario
The solo exhibition and concert at Fauxpop Station featuring Canadian Idol finalist Kati Durst, door prize by Kimberly Hart, woodworking by Paul Cook, Facebook Live broadcast by Fauxpop Media, Arabian catering by Syrian refugee Batoul Al Mussa & bar service by East Street Cider for the Huron Women's Shelter, Out of the Cold, Rural Response for Healthy Children, Welcome Project Syria, Tanner Steffler Foundation, Lake Huron Coastal Centre, Huron Respite Network & Red Book Project

Toast the Coast May 2019, Goderich, Ontario
The cocktail evening at Beach Street Station featuring First Nation special guest Lynn Rosales, eleven exhibiting artists, two scientist lecturers, community silent auction & the Lifters Jazz Band for Lake Huron Coastal Centre


WorldRooted at Seven Shores October 2019, Waterloo, Ontario
The solo exhibition at Seven Shores Community Café with guitarist Pedro Fernández, videographer Devin Sturgeon & painter Laury Griimard for humanitarian nonprofits Adventure 4 Change, Reception House Waterloo Region & International Association for Refugees Canada

Let Love Go Viral Winter/spring 2020, Huron County, Ontario
The t-shirt/sticker/virtual-concert campaign in collaboration with Owligraphy, Hijinks! Screen Printing, Canadian Idol winner Ryan Malcolm & Fauxpop Media for Rural Response for Healthy Children

For Water and for Home August/September 2022, Goderich, Ontario
The four-member, small group exhibition at Cait's Café and Part II Bistro, sponsored by Cowan Law Chambers, for Lake Huron Coastal Centre

Froggy Fest September 2022, Goderich, Ontario
The FREE Festival of Art & Conservation that reached hundreds of families, raised $27,000 for conservation education & received multiple nominations for the Huron Chamber of Commerce COMMUNITY IMPACT AWARD.
- 7 ecological nonprofits
- 5 activity booths with local artists
- Outdoor concert
- 2 eco-vendors
- 31 corporate sponsors
- 9 door-prize donors
- 6 community partners

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