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Pomegranate for Turkiye and Syria

Pomegranate for Turkiye and Syria

The raffle has been drawn, and the winner of this painting is my friend Steven Lindstrom!


Thank-you to my soul family who shared and donated to this campaign. Together, we raised $1,695 for earthquake relief, which will be doubled by the government of Canada.


I can't fathom why it happened. I only know I am grateful for your love.



Seven thousand confirmed dead.

Thousands more injured or still missing.

Homes, destroyed.

People, living outdoors in near-freezing temperatures.

My friends from Aleppo, now in Canada, report their neighbours' house fell, taking their lives.


I can do more than just cry for them.


Every purchase of this item enables me to send $5CAD to earthquake relief in Turkiye and Syria.


Each purchase also gives you one chance to WIN this painting in a draw!


I'll only keep enough of the proceeds to cover my costs... the more times you buy, the bigger the donation will be!


This is a very limited-time campaign. I'll close sales and draw the winner by the end of the week (February 11/12) so we can get that money on its way. Please SHARE this page so everyone can see it and join in right away!


A sincere thank-you to my friend in Turkiye for suggesting the Red Cross as recipient charity.


All my love to my dear friends from Aleppo. I am very sorry you are so far from your homeland... and very grateful you are safe near me.


Thank YOU so much for adding to the beauty!

  • Dimensions


  • Year


  • Media

    Moulding paste, graphite & gesso

  • Substrate

    Wrapped canvas

  • Profile


  • Finish

    Matte clear shield with UV protection

  • Valued at

    $350 CAD

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