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Dam at Arva Flour Mill
  • Dam at Arva Flour Mill

    This little dam at this little mill, though fully functional, is no longer in use. You see, when the pandemic hit and so many people learned to bake bread, making flour a scarce commodity, the Arva Flour Mill couldn’t keep stock on its shelves. The owner wisely added the capacity to power the mill with normal, old electricity.


    An opportunist of a beaver moved right in and dammed the site herself.


    So now it’s her dam flour mill.


    • Dimensions


    • Media


    • Substrate

      Wrapped canvas

    • Profile


    • Year


    • Finish

      Matte polymer varnish with UV protection

    • Frame

      Float frame, 1/2" wide, cut from thoughtfully-culled elm, milk-painted black

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