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Affirmation Jar
  • Affirmation Jar

    each jar has been scrubbed clean, papered in upcycled tissue, bedecked with wildflowers pressed between children's storybooks, then wrapped with hemp cord (splash-proof; do not submerge).


    each jar comes with a hand-poured, Canadian beeswax tea light (never burn candles unattended).


    AND! with a little wooden dowel and clothes pin to hold a small, hand-lettered affirmation card. you can keep it in your jar where you'll see it every day!


    FIRST JAR IS $30

    SECOND JAR IS $28: use code "2JARS"

    THIRD JAR IS $25: use code "3JARS"

    (get it? the discount code is the number of jars you ordered, plus "JARS"! okay? okay!)


    examples of affirmations include:

    I nurture my dreams so that I can make them a reality.

    I prioritize my peace.

    I am loving, loved and lovable.

    I find strength in vulnerability.

    I am proud of myself.

    I live freely within myself.

    I have the power to create change.

    I choose not to criticize myself.

    I am allowed to be myself.

    I allow people to show up for me.

    I am gentle with myself.

    I allow myself to feel so I can heal.

    I am my ancestors' wildest dreams.

    I carve my own path.

    I am courageous and stand up for myself.

    I love myself deeply.

    I am proud of where I come from.

    I am allowed to take up space.

    I critically question and reject negative stereotypes.

    I will build an inclusive community in which I can flourish.

    There is room for me at the table.

    I embrace my strengths and cultural resources.

    I am special.

    I am whole.

    I belong.

    I accept myself for who I am.

    I survive and thrive.

    My mental health matters.

    I bring new perspectives and ideas that have value.

    I learn from feedback, but I do not let it limit my potential.

    My possibilities are endless.

    I am smart.

    I love myself for who I am.

    Each day is a new start.

    I believe in myself.

    I treat everyone with honour.

    I examine my assumptions and beliefs.

    I enjoy learning about different customs and traditions.

    I study history and literature.

    I listen attentively when others share their stories.

    I ask others about their preferences.

    I avoid language that might marginalize anyone.

    I am willing to learn from others.

    I welcome feedback.

    I seek opportunities to deepen my understanding.

    I keep growing.

    I reach out to others.

    I broaden my network.

    I interact with people whose backgrounds are different from my own.

    I support positive changes.

    I support a vision of inclusion.

    I celebrate diversity.

    I value others and appreciate their uniqueness.

    I help others to develop their potential.

    I help others to contribute their gifts.

    I am as limitless as the colours of the rainbow.

    It is a joy to get to know the true me.

    My life has meaning beyond what others think of me.

    The people who deserve to love me will be excited to know the real me.

    I deserve love without conditions.

    Others' discomfort with who I am says more about them than it does about me.

    I'm the expert when it comes to my own experience and identity.

    I deserve to take up space.

    I deserve to be listened to.

    My body is my home, and I will treat it with care.

    I find comfort and freedom in my fluidity.

    I don't need others to understand me in order to understand myself.

    I am glad I'm here.

    I am empowered to get to know myself.

    I will be patient with myself.

    I am worthy of love and care, including my own.

    I embrace myself fully, just as I am.

    I deserve moments of relaxation and rejuvenation.

    I am deserving of compassion, kindness and forgiveness.

    I choose to prioritize my wellbeing without guilt.

    I set healthy boundaries for my wellbeing.

    I allow myself to express my needs and emotions.

    I choose to celebrate my achievements, big and small.

    I trust my intuition.

    I make decisions that align with my values and desires.

    I speak to myself with kindness and encouragement.

    I am deserving of joy and fulfillment.

    I release the need for perfection and embrace my unique journey.

    I celebrate my strengths and acknowledge the beauty within me.

    I love and appreciate myself unconditionally, just as I love and appreciate my children.

    I am worthy of love and respect.

    I embrace my unique parenting style and know it is enough.

    I am constantly learning and growing.

    I release the need to compare myself to others.

    I am a loving and nurturing presence in my child's life.

    I choose to focus on my strengths rather than on my insecurities.

    I am a role model for my children, teaching them self-acceptance and self-love.

    I am resilient and bounce back from setbacks with grace.

    I trust that I am doing the best I can for my family.

    I am grateful for the love and connection I share with my children.

    I embrace the beautiful messiness of parenthood.

    I am proud of the parent I am and the love I bring to my family.

    My worth extends beyond my productivity.

    I forgive myself for mistakes.

    I am proud to be an example of dedication to my child.

    I appreciate and honour the sacrifices I make for my family.

    I nurture all aspects of my full life.

    Meeting my needs is essential for the wellbeing of my family.

    I am a vessel of love.

    I am not what I’ve done; I am what I repeatedly do.

    I am enough.

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