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Elizabeth Van den Broeck the keeper of Huron County's loveliest secrets.  Her way of telling them begins, invariably, with a camera and a pair of hip waders, as per custom in her quest for honest imagery. Her commitment to beauty in the unassuming reveals a lifelong love and understanding of her homeland, as well as a skill built upon by steady practice.

An entrepreneurial artist of singular focus, Elizabeth studied Art at Sheridan College and Art History at the University of Toronto, only to miss the Class of 1992 graduating ceremonies to open her gallery in Goderich. Her tight-knit family has grown over the years, driving adaptation of media and method but lending strength of support to her endeavours.


Elizabeth's award-winning body of work displays diversity: from photography and print-making to oil and acrylics, encaustic and pastelwork, the array has never muffled her artistic voice. Complexly-textured, unusually-lit subjects have never dissuaded her but instead become her trademark, as have clarity of colour and cleanness of stroke.

"The Maitland River is my heart and soul," says Elizabeth, who for Carried has portrayed this prominent contributor to both the waters of Huron and our coastal understanding.

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