Wave 4

Wave 4

They talk about the Edge: being at the edge of the market, building up a loyal following, never making Average for the masses.

But... people have to eat. people have to pay rent. so they dumb it down; they sand off the Edge.


I am afraid of living there.


I want to know how to make my works as beautiful and relatable and archival as possible, to use good materials that won’t degrade.


But then — here’s the scary part — will that keep me from expressing art worth expressing?


My self portrait from high school is cheap and crumbly and poorly executed — it has fallen apart, doesn’t look the same, will only get worse. But it is me. It expresses Teenaged Bethany better than anything else ever could. And i wasn’t thinking about the materials then. I was just showing me.


I remember my art teacher pulling a chair right up to it. He sat there for a long time.


That memory will not even last as long as I do, likely; but that memory is part of my fuel for now.


I hope I make something good.

I really, really do.

  • Dimensions


  • Year


  • Media

    Acrylic, glass & ceramic

  • Substrate

    Wrapped canvas

  • Profile


  • Finish

    Matte & gloss clear shield with UV protection