Set of 3 Coasters

Set of 3 Coasters

This set of three coasters features art designed by my friend Laury, who, upon hearing of WorldRooted, immediately asked, "What can I do?"


Told, "Do whatever you wanna do!" she picked up a paintbrush and dipped it into... espresso!


Our favourite quote in this set is, "A human being is like a tree: in a good place, you expand."


These words were spoken by Boboya Emmanuel Gabu, who, as an 18-year-old refugee from South Sudan to Italy, won a full scholarship to complete the international baccalaureate. His words are everything WorldRooted is about.


25% of this sale will benefit Welcome Project Syria. Please give the Facebook page a follow and a SHARE, and check out the list of Gently-Used Item Needs for ways you can share without opening your wallet!

  • Artwork

    Original art handpainted by Laury Grimard with real espresso

  • Material


  • Printing

    Sublimation dye by Elizabeth's Art Gallery