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  • Rose

    خطوة خطوة خطوة ... “Step step step,” she said to me in Arabic through our translator. She was heading back to the Iraq refugee camp where she lived. There she would work to rehabilitate her fourth-grade, illiterate students, trained by Daesh in violence instead of in reading and writing. To bring them back to the basics – freedom of conscience and of expression – she would do all she could, in hopes of speaking peace to their generation.


    Her national flower is the rose. I think of her every time I see one.


    Half the proceeds of "Rose" will be donated to Hardwired Global, which trains leaders globally in the fundamental human right to freedom of conscience -- to honouring the inherent dignity of each person and the freedom to live according to one's own conviction.

    • Dimensions


    • Year


    • Media

      Moulding paste & gesso

    • Substrate

      Wrapped canvas

    • Profile


    • Finish

      Matte clear shield with UV protection

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