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Harbour Grass

Harbour Grass

My beach: an unnatural wonder. An industrial harbour. Freshly-planted dune grass, protected from the wind by snow fencing, to protect the boardwalk from sand.


The major attraction of this small town, drawing city-dwellers all summer long. Only place in town with parking meters. Smells like barbecue. Sounds like reggae.


My beach? Their beach? Our beach? An unnatural wonder, rimming a wild Great Lake.


That lake: neither mine, nor theirs. Not even ours.



These Bridges & Fences are my exploration into the interplay of the objects we've built with the natural world that holds them.


Here, Nature is depicted by loosely-applied, textural, riotous colour. The colour is the first thing: it arrests the attention and makes us want to linger. But the texture is the other thing: it requires that a lot of work be put into painting anything of value atop it. I really had to watch my step.

  • Dimensions


  • Media


  • Substrate

    Wrapped canvas

  • Profile


  • Year


  • Finish

    Matte polymer varnish with UV protection

  • Frame

    Float frame, 1/2" wide, cut from thoughtfully-culled elm, milk-painted black

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