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Happy Accident
  • Happy Accident Paul Cook, A.K.A. "Paul the Maker"...


    "I entitled this piece 'Happy Accident', coining the phrase used by Bethany Ann to describe my glass-breaking incident that provided her a box of tiny pieces that became a part of her amazing 'Soil', 'Light' and 'Water' artworks. Bethany and her WorldRooted: the Art Project for People inspired me to further explore my art and to contribute something that I hope adds beauty.


    "Half the proceeds of this handmade artwork will benefit the Swai Day Care Centre Orphanage in Ndirande Township, Blantyre, Malawi, which looks after approximately 70 children aged 2-7.


    "My good friend Kieron Smith, who is the principal at a school in Blantyre, chose to fundraise and personally oversee efforts to improve the lives of these children. He told me today that the latest project is to build a proper pathway to stop the building foundations from being damaged."

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      Unstained woods: padoak, walnut, jatoba, purpleheart, amarello, wenge, mahogany, bubinga, cherry

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