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Devin Sturgeon

...grew up traveling around Ontario with his family. They eventually settled in London where Devin finished high school and began working as a carpenter.

Years passed: after a few layoffs, Devin made the choice to get back into art. He bought a camera with the intention of painting the subjects of his photos. Instead, he got sucked into the world of taking stills.

A few more years passed: Devin’s passion set into motion as he began documenting the colourful people around him.

“I like the openness of the lake. I like going to the lake because it makes me feel more openminded; it makes me feel free in my head. I know this because I lived by the lake for a while and then moved inland for a year, and I was a mess. I felt lost and faraway. I ended up moving back to Goderich and realized that I need the water by my side – at least a walk’s distance away. I don’t know what it is; I’m sure we could break the science down, but I just know that I like it and I need to have it with me.

“I think my pictures of the lake are unique because there’s a lot of water, and there’s a lot of land, and there’s a lot of wind. You’ve got all those elements together, and when it gets stormy it’s really cool seeing them all interact together. I like going out and seeing all the dramatic clouds.”

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