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Bethany Ann Davidson

I grew up on the shore of Lake Huron at the mouth of the Blind River in Northern Ontario.


My first memory was made in a swimming pool at the age of two, jumping to my mom's waiting arms.


My favourite moment of life occurred in the bioluminescent bay of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, where the black, warm water lit up with sparkles as I moved.


If you and I have gone to the coast together and you can't find me, don't worry -- I'm just underwater.

These waves are rendered with acrylics overlaid with broken glass and plates. The glass has added the third and fourth dimensions of depth and time to my art, for now the piece changes as the light changes or the viewer walks past. The plates have added human stories to my art: meals shared, possessions no longer needed, the release of emotion at a plate-smashing party, the times that built up that emotion.

I thank my young friend, Baraa, for the inspiration behind the plates. She'll share in the sales of these works, just as I hope her family will one day, reunited, share meals in their new homeland.

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