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Three Poppies
  • Three Poppies

    Robert and Orville were brothers who went off to fight in World War I. Never made it home.

    Their sister, left behind, gave birth to twins. Named them Robert and Orville.

    Orville grew up to serve in World War II. Taught Canadians to fly.

    His granddaughter, Lisa, asked me for poppies. Three poppies, to honour these three family members.

    The middle poppy is for Orville, the way Lisa wanted. I also wanted to show him and his brother as they used to be, during the First World War: small, secret pockets of hope. Buds, not yet unfurled.

    Families grow the way poppies do: hope upon pain upon hope. We blossom from unseen to seen, then fall so the next generation can rise.

    Lisa never met these ancestors of hers, but she is rooted in them. So is her daughter. If only they knew the freedom, the strength and beauty they’ve nurtured.

    Lisa chose to support the Canadian Mental Health Association through this painting.

    • Dimensions


    • Year


    • Media

      Moulding paste, graphite & gesso

    • Substrate

      Wrapped canvas

    • Profile


    • Finish

      Matte clear shield with UV protection

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