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  • Rice

    Rice. This tiny grain, a worldwide commodity. This common plant, unrecognized in its raw form by many who simply never see it this way. This simple starch, safely consumed by humans from infancy. Rice, simply grown in abundance to suffice one of humankind's most basic needs: hunger.


    It pierces me deeply that in countries across the world, nourishment should be readily available to all. Yet the ugliness of discrimination brings such imbalance to society that parents are rendered unable to provide food and shelter to their children. In desperation, they give up their daughters to strange suitors who promise a better life.


    These daughters -- our daughters, our sisters -- are dragged into brothels. I will say no more about that. I cannot bear it.


    Proceeds from "Rice" will benefit Freedom Firm, which works to prosecute offenders, rescue and restore victims of brothels in India. Please visit Ruhamah Designs to view and purchase the beautiful jewellery crafted by these resilient women.

    • Dimensions


    • Year


    • Media

      Moulding paste & gesso

    • Substrate

      Wrapped canvas

    • Profile


    • Finish

      Matte clear shield with UV protection

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